Moving In/Out Checklist

If you are moving in or moving out of one of our rentals near Ball State, please look at the move-in and move-out checklists that we provided.

Put Utilities in Tenant(s) Name(s): 

  • Electric: Indiana-Michigan Power – 19800) 311-4634
  • Gas: Vectren – 1(800) 227-1376
  • Sewage: Bill will be sent to the landlord and tenants will remit payment of bill to the landlord


Payment of Rent: Rent is due first day of each month and no later than the third day of the month to avoid late charges as stated in the signed lease. Pay rent to Phillip Mark and send to – 2600 W. Riggin Road, Muncie, IN 47304

Care of House: Keep the house and premises in a clean and safe condition at all times.

Telephone Contact:  Stacy (765) 716-8447

Moving Out Checklist

  1. Clean stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, kitchen cabinets, and floor
  2. Move the stove and refrigerator out and clean behind each
  3. Clean all food from refrigerator and freezer
  4. Clean bathroom including tub, tub wall, sink, toilet, and floor
  5. Clean all baseboards, windows, doors, and ceiling fans, (blades, lights, fixtures), and clothes washer and dryer
  6. Mop all vinyl floors, vacuum all carpet, sweep/vacuum stairs, and clean basement floor
  7. Clean/sweep the outdoor entrances and collect all trash from the yard and shrubby
  8. Replace burned-out light bulbs and repair any broken items including glass/window screens
  9. Remove all furniture, and related personal items Do not leave any furniture or items outside that will not fit in the garbage can
  10. Leave all utilities in the landlord’s name – Phillip Mark
  11. Notify the landlord of the date of vacating premises and leave a current forwarding address for the handling of damage deposits
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